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                                  Smart Desk

                                  Our multi-lingual, award-winning teams extend your service desk capability around the clock, delivering a cost-effective blend of highly-motivated and skilled service analysts, and frictionless self-service.
                                  Smart Desk

                                  Business challenge

                                  With more and more of our world built around user experience, service desks must align themselves to the level of personalisation and autonomy people expect every day as they interact with the digital world.

                                  The traditional service desk model, built around low-cost staff and volume services has become obsolete. We can no longer deal with demand by adding more and more staff, driving up costs and demand charging the customer for an average and de-personalised service.

                                  We help you make a difference

                                  We build a business-focused service desk with smart contracts building in transparent incentives that encourage a long-term partnership and vision to drive down costs, drive up satisfaction and deliver a personalised and optimised user experience.

                                  We achieve this by investing in research and analysis to target call reduction, by implementing automation and self-service that users actually want to use, and through the development of first class service delivery, tools and process engineering to design in efficiency and customer satisfaction.

                                  By harnessing our extensive knowledge-base built through delivering support services to over 10,000 end users for global organisations, in over 60 countries, we optimise our service by spotting patterns in this rich source of data, allowing us to improve the service for all of our clients.

                                  Our approach

                                  We understand the customer and build our service around simplicity and personalisation for them, reducing costs through self-service that feels natural. We provide a flexible service that has the ability to expand and contract according to demand – hour by hour if necessary - adopting a results-based pricing model rather than one based on call volumes and tickets.

                                  We have a security heritage and work with major global brands so we know how important your security is. Our Service Desk operations are managed within our Information Security Management System and certified to ISO 27001, while our staff are screened to BS 7858 certification standards. We ensure excellence in delivery and have been awarded a top 3 position in the last four years of the Service Desk Institute annual awards.

                                  We partner with the Service Desk Institute and regularly assess customer satisfaction to ensure we maintain our standard of over 90 percent “satisfied” and “very satisfied” Service Desk users, measured through both our own and independent surveys.


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