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                                  Building The Foundations Of A Frictionless Future

                                  The arrival of the ‘information everywhere’ era and important technological developments like 5G, AI, and IOT have created new opportunities to reimagine the ecosystem that moves both people and goods, to make it more efficient and intuitive.

                                  The goal is to create and to enable a network of interconnected systems that can deliver users what they want, when and how they want it, through new as-a-service models which are centred around convenience, sustainability, and the customer experience—and which remove the friction present today.


                                  Endava defines mobility as technologies and systems that enable people and goods to traverse the landscape of the physical world faster, more ef?ciently, and with more granularity than is currently available today.”
                                  Seth Clifford

                                  SVP STRATEGY ACCELERATION


                                  We Understand The Challenges Of Balancing Legacy With Innovation

                                  Today, most established businesses find themselves running a mix of new, often cloud-based platforms that are built to integrate with legacy systems.

                                  As you start to think about your vision for the future, and strategise about how you want to take advantage of the opportunities that mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) is sure to provide.

                                  There are two key dimensions to consider, namely what do you want to achieve by when and who will you need to partner with to do so, and how do you prepare from a technology perspective to ensure you have the flexibility and scalability you will need?

                                  We Help You Make A Difference

                                  Endava has extensive experience in the industries which are going to need to work together to make the frictionless mobility future a reality, including payments, technology, transport and logistics, and insurance.

                                  We work with clients from ideation through to production, meaning that we can combine our technology strategy expertise with the knowledge of how to create experiences that inspire users and build dynamic technology platforms that scale.

                                  We can help you design a roadmap of the steps you need to take to help you achieve your vision of the future, and how your technology will need to evolve to facilitate your growth.
                                  T&L Giant aim to simplify global trade with Endava

                                  Success Story | Telco, Media and Technology

                                  T&L Giant aim to simplify global trade with Endava

                                  Payments Company Increase Innovation and Improve Responsiveness

                                  Success Story | Finance

                                  Payments Company Increase Innovation and Improve Responsiveness with Endava



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