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                                  Torre Parque Avila, Piso 18, Av. Francisco de Miranda, entre la Av. Andrés Bello y Av. 2, Los Palos Grandes, Municipio Chacao, Caracas, Venezuela

                                  Public Holidays

                                  01 January 2020 New Year's Day
                                  24 February 2020 Carnival
                                  25 February 2020 Carnival
                                  09 April 2020 Maundy Thursday
                                  10 April 2020 Good Friday
                                  19 April 2020 Independence Day
                                  01 May 2020 Labor Day
                                  24 June 2020 Battle Carabobo
                                  05 July 2020 Sign of the Independence
                                  24 July 2020 Birth of the Liberator
                                  12 October 2020 Discovery of America
                                  24 December 2020 Christmas
                                  25 December 2020 Christmas
                                  31 December 2020 End of the New Year

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